I have worked in film production since 2013, mostly in the camera department and since 2016 I have worked foremost as a cinematographer. I have done most of my work shooting corporate and commercial work but I have also worked with fashion, fiction and music videos.

While my focus is on cinematography, I often help with producing the projects I work on as well, be it a short film or a commercial.

This has given me experience in the whole process from inception to completed project. I believe this makes me a more efficient cinematographer as I know how I fit into the process and how I can help other departments be it sound or editorial.

I always approach a project as a team player and focus on how I can help the team achieve the very best result possible for the whole product, not just the parts I am responsible for, but also the sound, the acting and so on.

With film being my job and the biggest interest of my life I am constantly developing my craft. I see every new project as an opportunity to develop and explore new aspects of cinematography and film production in general. If you haven’t already, check out my reel and some of my finished projects in the portfolio!

Feel free to contact me for inquiries using the information below.


(+46)70 608 17 28